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  • What kind of services do you provide?
    We pride ourselves on providing both domestic carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning, we also deep clean upholstery and curtains. We have many satisfied customers and provided cleaning solutions for any size of homes, hotels, offices, shops, pubs, restaurants and many more. As with all of our services, our work is guaranteed to meet your satisfaction. Most of our customers are repeat & referral business, a testament to the fact that quality & service is a trademark of our business.
  • Are you and your cleaners insured?
    Yes. We have a full Employers Liability cover of £10,000,000 and Public Liability cover of £2,000,000.
  • What if something is damaged when my home is being cleaned?
    Although we take extreme care when cleaning your home, sometimes accidents do happen. If breakage or damage occurs as a result of our cleaning we will make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced.
  • Can I specify the day for the cleaning?
    Yes, we book a firm date and time for our technicians to arrive.
  • Who will be cleaning my home or office?
    Stainbusters technicians specialize in professional carpet cleaning and are full time employees who are fully insured and have been through our background checks and strict selection process. Each team member has graduated from our advanced training course so you'll get the best results every time.
  • Do you move furniture?
    We recommend that you move small objects, lamps, ornaments etc. as a precaution against accidental damage. We will move most furniture (sofas, chairs, tables etc.) as we work. Large items of heavy furniture, bookcases, entertainment centres and the like, we work around...our technicians reserve the right not to move any piece of furniture or household object that they do not feel comfortable with.
  • How long will it take for my carpet or furniture to dry?
    Carpets will be dry one hour after completion of the standard cleaning process. Upholstery may take longer - 2 to 4 hours, depending on the backing material.
  • How long before I can walk on my carpet?
    You can walk on your carpet immediately but it is recommended that you limit traffic until completely dry.
  • Are the products you use safe?
    Yes. The products that we use are entirely safe and child/pet friendly. We have material safety data sheets on all products that we use and our range of environmentally friendly and biologically active cleaning solutions, clean without compromising performance or safety.
  • What about pets and children?
    Again, all the products that we will use are non-toxic, Eco-friendly solutions manufactured from 100% natural plant based materials. Pets and children are completely safe, although we do recommend that they are kept away from carpets and furnishings until they are completely dry.
  • Will your services help my allergies?
    Yes. Having your carpet and furniture cleaned removes dirt and pollutants, which makes for a friendlier breathing environment. Your carpet does a valuable job by acting as a filter, trapping air pollutants like pollen, chemicals, tars, bacteria, fungi, cigarette smoke, and residues. Carpets and furnishings can become heavily infested with dust mites whose droppings can trigger asthma attacks. All these pollutants should be removed with regular professional cleaning.
  • Will you remove all my stains?
    Let me start by defining the difference between a spot and a stain: a spot- is any foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) that is removable by standard cleaning methods.(The foreign material is on or around the carpet fibre) A stain- is foreign material (soil, liquid, etc.) on carpet that is not usually removable by standard cleaning methods. (The foreign material has penetrated 'soaked into' the fibre and has changed or damaged the fibre itself) Leaving some stains very difficult or impossible to remove. But don't forget our guarantee: If your stain can be removed, we will remove it. If we don't and somebody else subsequently does we will give you your money back!
  • Does cleaning your carpet make it wear out faster?
    No, actually dirt acts as an abrasive when trapped in your carpet or fabrics and should be removed to reduce wear.
  • Does your process restore the original feel of my carpet?
    Yes, our process leaves your carpet fresh, clean, residue free and soft to the touch.
  • Would it be advisable to have a fabric protector applied after cleaning?
    Yes, our company as well as carpet manufacturers highly recommend that you reapply a protector after professional cleaning to restore the original stain resistance. Many manufacturers even require fabric protction as part of the warranty on the carpet.
  • Which provides better indoor air quality: hardwood, or carpet?
    Carpets actually acts like a 'filter' trapping pollutants to the roots, which are then removed by professional carpet cleaning. As long as a regular cleaning schedule is maintained, carpet provides much better indoor air quality than hardwood.
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